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Our relationship has no expiration date. We met more than 40 years ago and we have gone through all stages of life together. We have studied together, we have traveled the world with our music, we made albums at different stages, we have been parents, we have buried our parents, and I believe that we do not need excuses to unite because we are already united in a fraternal way. 

With ALMOST 40 years of experience, the duo takes their music to the most diverse and prominent stages in the world: 

Konzerthaus in Vienna, Gasteig Kulturzentrum in Munich, the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam and the Purcell Room in London, to name a few examples.


Both multi-instrumentalists, they have shared the stage with great figures such as Goran Bregovic and Medeski Martin & Wood, among others. They have released six albums: the brand new“Sepharad” (2017), “Alef Bet” (2010),“Survivor” (2003),“Shtil” (2001),“Basavilbaso” (1999) and “Klezmer in Buenos Aires” (1997).

“The duo always has an open door
where it is not known what is going to happen. “That is what has kept us alive for 40 years.”
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